The Wedding Entertainer - before/after dinner

"Bertil Fredstrom, alias Black Bert, brought magic to our hotel, bar and wedding chapel, (established 1876). He entertained our customers with two shows in the afternoon. The excitement and curiosity of the spectators was obvious and he will always be welcome to perform at our business again." 

When you're ready to decide on the wedding program, bring your one-of-a-kind event to life with entertainment from The Magician Black Bert - Simply the best. Contact me today to learn more about my availability. I can perform walk around close up magic before dinner or a parlor style magic show  after dinner, while your guests have their dessert, or during a break in the dancing.

Another popular option is to have me entertain the children that are accompanying their parents to the wedding party while the grownups dance or participate in som activity that the kids are not that interested in.

Rates: the cost for a wedding event is $700 plus travel, including 2 hours of consulting to make sure that my magic is bringing you exactly what you want on the most important day of your life

I have been doing magic for a long time and promise you that If you are not satisfied with my performance, I refund 100% of your payment.

Call me at (512) 423 9810 or send me a message here: